Photographs of complete track

We have extensive experience in the rail industry and a high level of expertise in this specialised field. Please find below some examples of what we can offer. If you would like a quotation please use our Quotation Request Form or Call Us and we will do our best to offer good advice and practical solutions.

Design and Supply

Route Design

We are able to assist in:
  • Gradient design
  • Curve design
  • Design for height and width of tunnels
  • Design of loading gauge wheelbase

Track Design

We are able to assist in:
  • Axle load design
  • Rail weight design
  • Sleeper spacing design
  • Sleeper design
  • Choice of fastening
  • Track bed design
  • Drainage design
  • Electrification design
  • Switch Design


Turnouts can be specifically made to suit different rail sections and track layouts. The bigger the turnout radius that can be accommodated the better the performance. As turnouts are potential derailment hot spots, particular attention should be given to maximising the radius.